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Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

"This is vital information that needs to reach every pet-lover as soon as possible."
– Louise L. Hay

Table of Contents:
Species-Appropriate Nutrition: Raw Food, EvolutionaryTimeline
The Ultimate Diet: Basic Food Groups, The Ultimate Diet Raw Food Pyramid, Diet Comparison
Making The Meal: Food and Water Dishes, Why Buy Organic?, Resources for Diet Ingredients
How Often Should You Pets Eat?: Fasting
Snacks Treats and Travel
Herbs and Green Foods
Foods to Avoid
Making the Switch:
Pregnancy Puppies and Kittens
Senior Citizens
General Guidelines
Species-Appropriate Sources of Nutrients
Your Tribe
Shopping List, Approximate Amounts, Sample MonthlyMenu, Menu Sheets, Food Diary, and The Holistic Animal Resource Guide
About the Author.

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